Documenting my journey to R proficiency (I hope!)


As I get to learn more and more about R, I have also come across a number of resources that have proven to be very helpful in navigating the rocky climb of R mastery. The first of these is Quick-R, which is very comprehensive, succinct and easy to understand. I feel the site should be called R in English!

Another tight information source is Hadley Wickham’s e-book, Advanced R, which I just downloaded a few days ago. Don’t be fooled by the title – it’s really useful to first-timers like me. What I’ve read so far has made me very happy about prospects for learning the beautiful programming language. There are a number of free courses you might also want to take up – in fact edX is currently running a course on R Basics in collaboration with Data Camp. The course is called Introduction to R Programming.

If you’re learning R (or indeed any other programming language) you would do well to sign up for a free account on Stack Overflow, a questions and answer service dedicated to all things coding.

Of course, if you want to hear from the horse’s mouth, hop on over to the official page of the R Consortium ( and get familiar with the FAQs. R documentation is pretty useful, but it’s very difficult for novices to understand, talk less of implement. However, I find that with a little perseverance, the examples there have been constructed in such a manner as to introduce aspects of R programming not related to the particular topic of the help page.

If you’re up to the challenge and really serious about learning R, I suggest you sign up for R-bloggers, a site that aggregates blog posts from various sites in the form of a digest and sends them on a daily basis. I’ve been particularly blessed by this site.

All said, I won’t kid myself – the learning curve for R is quite steep as this gentleman pointed out (aRrgh! he says, and I don’t blame him) – but this application is too useful to be ignored, especially if you have to work with data.

Wish me luck as I continue to learn and if you care, join in the fun!


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