A minimalist COVID-19 Shiny App

A few weeks ago I was looking for data on COVID-19 and I ran into the website of the European Centre for Disease Control. Not only did they provide a CSV of the data but also a few lines of R code for HTTP GET requests. I extend my sincere thanks to them.

I decided to extend the script and later I thought to myself “What the heck. Just make it a standalone reproducible script.” I eventually came up with a nice time series plot and shared it with my friends on Twitter. Below is a chart for Nigeria – the script can be applied to any country (or a combination of them for comparison) and the code can be found here.


Earlier today I decided to make a very simple Shiny app so that the data will be mote useful to anyone who cares. It’s based on the ideas in the initial script and I’ve published it on shinyapps.io. It’s possible that I might build on the idea to add more features, but I’m not yet decided whether I want to devote the time to it. The modified project is now hosted on this GitHub repository,. If anyone wants to contribute, they are welcome to send in a pull request.



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